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Portstewart Golf Club was founded way back in 1894, but the origins of golf being played here date back even further to 1889. The Strand course is a bit of a hybrid, a mix of the old and the new. Major development took place in the late 1980s when the original Willie Park Junior layout was updated and seven new holes were constructed in the virgin sand dune range called “Thistly Hollow”. The new Strand course, designed by Des Giffin, opened for play in 1992.

The Club was founded in 1894. Its first Captain, later its first President, was J.M.C. Montagu.

“Whatever the fits and starts of its early years, there can be no doubt now that those entrusted with the well being of the Club have their sights firmly fixed on the future. So perhaps it was a mistake to use the word “fulfilment” in the title of this final chapter. The fulfilment of one dream only clears the way for another. It isn’t even the final chapter for, if they still play golf a hundred years from now, you can be certain that they will be playing it at Portstewart.”

- Extract from the final chapter ‘Fulfilment’ in the book ‘Portstewart Golf Club 1894-1994’ by Bill Rodgers